Analyze. Build. Book.

Analyze. Build.

The app that entertainers and professionals have been waiting for! The Knoo is making business easier for the entertainment industry.

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So much more than an app

The entertainment industry has changed how music is distributed and consumed. Now, it is time for the industry to change how business is done. The Knoo is here to level the playing field.

The Knoo will make business more efficient, transparent, and secure for all parties involved including, artists, musicians, promoters, managers, and those alike.

A unique space for Creators

New to the industry? Building a team? Looking for talent? You can find what you need in The Knoo. Members of The Knoo are able to search for talent and build teams around the world.

Only in The Knoo can you mange your social media analytics, collaborate, and secure bookings simultaneously. This platform was created with the entertainment professional in mind.

How it works

Link your social media platforms.

Search and build your team no matter where you are.

Update your calendar and set your price for your services.

Great solution for time management

Capitalize on your time and money with The Knoo. Automate your service bookings by setting up your calendar and availability.

Get paid for your gigs, sessions, and services on time.

Analyzing and sharing social media analytics has not been so easy

No longer do you have to log in to a bunch of platforms to track your social media analytics. You can now manage, analyze, and share your stats from your account.

Track your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube analytics. Many more platforms to be integrated soon.

Communicate directly with your customer

The Knoo is a quick and simple way for your clientele to inquire about booking you for their entertainment needs.

Stay in contact with your customers as you prepare for your booking. Confirm, reject, and cancel all from the conveniece of The Knoo. You can manage your details of your booked events with ease.